So the Revolution started with a bang last week - literally in my case - when I went flying to the deck after one of the NAB Racing boys rode into the back of me during the Madison. It was an easy error and frantic race. He was true Gent and apologised after the race which is a rare commodity.

But that was nothing compared to what might have happened to me if some lorry driver had succeeded in what he seemed intent on doing the other day - driving directly into me out of a side road near my home in the Midlands.

I was out on a quiet road and was approaching this even more quiet road that the lorry was coming out of. I could see the guy edging out bit by bit but he seemed to wait until just as I was on top of him to pull into the road.

Even if I say so myself, I showed off some pretty skilful BMX-style bike handling, skidding my back wheel to slow down and hopping onto the pavement to avoid him. Somehow, I didn’t hit the deck and still had time to stop and take pictures of him.

Now what’s interesting is that West Midlands Police - my local force - have had a lot of good publicity recently for a new policy of prosecuting drivers for driving too close when passing cyclists.

That’s great. But, in my case, it was of no use when I called them to file a complaint.

There were no witnesses, of course, and the Police’s attitude was, if you didn’t crash, there’s nothing we can do.

I get it. That’s fine and it’s something that I know most cyclists experience every week on the roads around Britain.

But if you want the positive publicity that comes with trying to stop cyclists being killed out on the road then at least take it seriously and enforce the rules when somebody in a massive truck tries to kill a cyclist! Maybe the law is it's NOT okay to overtake too close but it IS okay to pull out of a road and drive directly into a passing cyclist?

Anyway, rant over. But it’s a good reminder for all of us to take more care than ever out there on the roads.

No amount of care was going to help me in that Revolution, though. I was taken out in the last event, the Madison elimination, and was lucky to escape with nothing more than a lot of road rash.

Unfortunately, my leg got infected over the next few days and I have to admit it wasn’t very pleasant.

Apart from that, the Revolution was a lot of fun and we rode pretty well for Team PedalSure.

The next day I headed down for a sportive in Foxhills, Surrey, which was organised by PedalSure and which was a lot of fun - despite the injuries I had from the night before. It was a well-organised event and about 100 riders showed up so it was a great recovery ride for me and a chance to meet some keen cyclists which I always enjoy doing. If you came down to that and are reading this, I hope you enjoyed it too.

The injury is healing well now so I should be back and in semi-decent shape by the time the second round comes around in Glasgow a week on Saturday.

As I did for the Manchester round, I have a few tickets to give away thanks to PedalSure, so keep an eye on my Instagramand twitter accounts for a chance to win them.

Aside from that, I have a weekend off coming up and I’m heading to Prague for my stag do … more of that next week, perhaps.