The Track World Championships are rapidly approaching so that means one thing - my life at the moment is pretty dull!

The training right now, six weeks or so before the Worlds in Hong Kong, is all track/turbo-based and power specific. So, more time spent in gym and less time on the road which, given the weather we’ve had here, is no bad thing.

We’re going back to Mallorca this week which is where we’ll get a block of road miles in but the upshot of all that is I’m in a constant state of exhaustion, fit for little more than lying on my bed after training sessions trying to rest up.

It’s all part of the process and also part of the life as a pro cyclist so it’s nothing new and I’m quite happy to go through it in the hope of winning a medal in either the team pursuit or individual pursuit in Hong Kong.

As to how my form’s going, the honest answer is, I don’t really know and a recent bout of sickness didn’t help. But after this last training camp coming up in Mallorca, I should have a better idea of how I’m going.

AsI mentioned, I've not been doing a huge amount of road miles and, given my luck with mechanicals of late, that's no bad thing. Twice I've managed to break my hand-built wheels, or more accurately the spokes, which takes some doing and, on one occasion, had me ringing my mum to come and pick me up on the road!

So, all that aside, there hasn’t been a lot else to report apart from a couple of domestic dramas like having to take Burt the Pug to the emergency vets - he recovered just fine, thanks - and my car being the victim of a hit and run outside my house in Wilmslow.

Actually, thanks to my neighbours, I was able to carry out a bit of CSI Wilmslow and a couple of weeks after it was hit I found out that some poor woman had blacked out at the wheel of a car in the early hours one morning and struck a load of parked cars, including mine.

Still, the upshot of that was my car went in for repair so I’ve had a bright purple courtesy car for the last few weeks which has earned me a fair amount of ridicule.

Socially, I’ve not been fit for much though I found a great new coffee spot in Longford Park in Chorlton, Caffeine and Co., which I recommend. And Lauren and I visited some friends who keep chickens and that meant Lauren was able to show us what a great chicken whisperer she is.

Talking of coffee, my obsession with it had been carrying out some pretty spectacular DIY at home this weekend, fixing a new water tap to my coffee machine. It wasn't pretty but the end result was what I wanted - and I managed to avoid serious injury! Sad to report, fixing that tap is about the most exciting thing that's happened to me in weeks.

With all my track commitments, it’s going to be a slow start to the year on the road for me, with my road employers Team WIGGINS but the lads have already kicked off their season.

You may also have seen the excellent adverts that one of our sponsors, Skoda, have done with Brad - really good. Those ads also showcase our new race kit which I think is really classy. It’s white with bands across it, as opposed to the red and blue we wore last season but I think the re-design works well.

We also have a new training kit for this season which has led to much debate over exactly what colour it is. I can confirm that it certainly looks green to me and, again, I can see it being really popular with WIGGINS fans - not least because it’s Rapha so the quality speaks for itself. I’ll see if I can get a jersey or two to give away in a competition once my road season starts.

Until then, it’s more pain and, hopefully, gain for me on the track in Manchester and the roads of Majorca. I’ll keep you informed of how it’s all going in a couple of weeks.