Just a brief blog this week from my hotel room in Hong Kong as we put the finishing touches to preparations for this week’s World Championships.

We flew in last Thursday and, once the couple of days of jet lag were out of our system, it has just been a case of tapering down ready for our event and trying to kill time without going too mad!

Jet lag got so bad for Steve Burke that he was going for a stroll at 3.30am on the first morning and as everyone who has ever travelled knows, it’s not a pleasant feeling.

But we were upgraded on the way out to bigger seats so that was a help and, all in all, the journey wasn’t too bad. Since then it’s been a case of going to the track, getting massages, playing computer games and making filter coffee that my mates at Workshop Coffee sent over for the trip.

It’s really humid here and we’re quite a way from the main city centre so we haven’t really had much chance to get out of the hotel room and see anything of the island. That might come on Saturday, which is my day “off” before I fly home on Sunday.

Before then we have (hopefully) three days of competition with the team pursuit on Wednesday and Thursday and the individual pursuit on Friday.

I think we’re all pretty happy with where we are in terms of preparation. The TP will be me, Burkey, Kian Emadi, Ollie Wood, Mark Stewart and, possibly, Matt Bostock if he recovers from a knee injury that has been bothering him.

The track takes a bit of getting used to - it’s more of a bowl shape than Manchester and when you enter the banking it tends to throw you up to the red line and, coming out of the banking, it throws you down onto the Cote d’Azur.

It’s also more bumpy than Manchester but, to be honest, it only took us a few minutes to adapt and the bowl shape actually helps in the individual pursuit, it gives you a bit more speed on the banking which helps as you’re dying off in the last few laps.

Last bit of IP training before we start competition for @britishcycling at the track world champs

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So it will be interesting to see how we go and, while I know we have a young team out here, I think a few of the men and women will surprise a lot of people.

I believe Eurosport and the BBC are both showing the Worlds so hopefully you’ll get a chance to see some of the action and maybe give us some support … hopefully, we’ll put in some decent performances for you.

Until then, wish us luck