Like waiting for buses, you go months and years without a crash and then two come along at once!

After coming off at the Tour of the Reservoir at the start of the month, I repeated the trick at the Stockton GP on Sunday which was not ideal timing given that I was flying to Italy early the next morning for a GB training camp.

Any rider will tell you that crashes are just an occupational hazard - although that doesn’t make it any less painful - and relatively speaking, I escaped very lightly.

At the Tour of the Reservoir, I hit a pot hole at about 50kph, landed on my head and neck and ended up in a bush. I actually winded myself pretty badly, which was the worst thing because your first reaction when you can’t breathe is to worry that something seriously bad has happened.

But after a few moments in the recovery position I managed to get up, back on the bike and on a car bumper to rejoin the field where I actually ended up finishing in the top 10 in the sprint.

As you’ll probably know from accidents you’ve had yourself, the adrenalin kicks in and masks the pain for a bit but that night I felt pretty terrible and, looking back, I probably had a concussion. And by the way, if anyone ever tries to tell you that wearing helmets is a waste of time, just show them this picture:

Still, I started the next day and, after being spat out at the foot of the first climb, I managed to rejoin the main group and actually rode okay the rest of the day. That said, the drive home that night was pretty grim.

Our next race was the Velothon in Wales and, to add to my run of bad luck, the Team WIGGINS van was broken into in Cardiff the night before the race and my training bike plus a load of other bikes were stolen.

It goes without saying that this was a major sickening blow for any team, let alone a relatively small one like ours, and if you see any of our stuff out and about, obviously let us know.

We were still able to race and Chris Latham continued his good season for us with a fourth place while I tailed off towards the end which was probably to be expected as I hadn’t really been able to train since my crash.

All of which made my latest mishap all the more annoying in Stockton although this one was nothing to do with me. Another rider just turned into me and Jack Pullar and sent us flying.

Again I was able to get back on with a tow from a team car and was actually able to help Chris in the lead-out where he got second behind Brenton Jones who is having a great season. 

Actually, I had done an interview with Cycle Vox before the race and tipped Chris and Brenton to be up for the win in a sprint finish so maybe there is a career waiting for me as a pundit when I finish racing.

I had to drive home afterwards and, again, that was a pretty painful experience as was sitting on a plane flying to Zurich today ahead of transferring to Livigno in Italy where we have a two-week track training camp.

I broke my wrist in a crash in Italy in 2008 and a crash in a Revolution track meeting last year was quite nasty because a leg wound became infected but, apart from those two, I’ve been quite lucky with accidents.

So, hopefully, above everything else, it will be a crash-free couple of weeks now in Italy.