The new year is well and truly underway. I’m on my day off sitting outside café con leche,  and best of all, the sun is shining. Yes of course, I’m not in England.

I’m just finishing the last couple of days of our training camp out in Mallorca. It’s the training camp the guys at British Cycling arrange to help us get rid of our Turkey-stuffed bellies.

The camp itself is going well, we have a few of these throughout the year and this one I’m feeling decent. We’ve had  road rides every day, with some days being a double day with intense training sessions in the hotel, be it gym or turbo.

The temperature here generally sits just below fifteen degrees, which in fairness feels like 40 when you’re used to waking up to minus one in good old Shropshire

I also have two massive bits of news to tell you all.

Firstly, I no longer ride for Team Wiggins. My contract came to an end and I’m very pleased to say, I now ride for Team Canyon-Eisberg.

Team Wiggins are heading in a new direction, they’re focusing on being purely a development team, concentrating on under-23’s which is something I most definitely am not!

I had some great times with Team Wiggins over the last 3 years, we certainly looked one of the best teams. As an old DS said to me never sacrifice style for speed!

However now, I’m on to my next adventure. Previously called Bike Channel-Canyon, Canyon-Eisberg have formed an exciting team and I hope to bring all my experience and help them progress to new heights.

This started two weeks ago, which brings me on nicely to my other exciting news.

Finally as part of the Pedalsure team I was able to win the Revolution series. It's the third year I've been part of the team and this year finally we got to win. I even managed to just sneakily beat Ed Clancy in a sprint, which is very rare and which, of course, I’ll be reminding him about for years to come!

The JLT boys give us a good run for our money but we came out on top, taking the overall title on the night. Pedalsure have been great backers of the Revolutions over the past few years so, on a personal note, I was pleased to be able to give them a victory in return for their support.



However, Ed and Jon Mould did set a new WR for the Madison time trial which was amazing. It’s always good to see your teammates do well, even if on Revolution Series nights, they aren’t technically teammates.

Given what he puts into the sport, Ed deserves everything he gets out of it and I was cheering as loudly as anyone when the two of them tore round the track in that ridiculous time.It was a good, fun start to 2018 and I hope to keep this good form going throughout. This year, after all, has the Commonwealth Games in April and the Worlds a month before, so to hit form now is a massive bonus, I’ve just got to concentrate on keeping myself fit and focussed. 

It’s an exciting year for me, a new team, a new outlook and a new goal so, bring it on.