I can’t quite believe I’m typing this myself but here goes, we’re officially a quarter of the way through 2018.

After what felt like an eternal 31 days of January, February and now March have flown by.

It’s been a productive three months for me, obviously the win at Rev’s in Manchester still highlights the year, but there is a lot to get excited for the remaining three quarters.

First, I’m filming a Vlog.

It’s not something I’ve ever thought I’d be doing, I have always found the idea of being filmed doing everyday things a little strange.

But, with the help of a couple Staffordshire University students I’ve been working with over the past couple months, we’ve decided to get one running and test the water.

It’s a Vlog on Coffee. Don’t worry it’s not just me standing over my kettle, commentating on the measurements of teaspoons I’m using to craft my master instant coffee.

For those that know me or follow me on Instagram you’ll know coffee is more than just instant granules, it’s an art.

Everything from where the coffee has come from, to how acidic your tap water is to the strength of your arm when grinding the coffee beans all influences the taste.

It’s fascinating and I really could go on all day, but I’ll stop there and let you learn all about it when the Vlog is released. Keep an eye out on my social media I'll keep you posted.

Next, if you’re an avid reader of this blog then you might remember last year when I took part in the Bloodwise Blenheim Palace Triathlon.

I’m pleased to announce for the first time that once again I’ll be competing in this years Triathlon.

Last year we placed fourth but more importantly raised over £300,000 for the Bloodwise charity.


Bloodwise is an important charity that raises funds to combat blood cancers like Leukaemia.

They’re heavily invested in findings ways to cure and prevent Blood Cancer from happening and won’t stop until 100% of people who have blood cancer, survive.

But it’s not only the charitable side of things that makes me want to compete again this year. The day as a hole is full of fun things to do and the grounds at the Palace are mesmerising.

Not to mention the 30,000 plus crowds that attend!

When I’m at the event I’ll be wearing the black and yellow jersey of PedalSure. The same as last year but as always, a pleasure.

My friends down at PedalSure.com always look after their teams at events like this, it’s this sort of treatment that separates them from being just an insurance company. They’re real people, most importantly they’re real cyclists too and .what's more is if you are a triathlete, they can now cover you for all the triathlon stages including your bike in transition.

The last time I wore PedalSure colours was at the Revolution Series in Manchester, so hopefully they are my good luck charm and we can take the win at the Palace.

Blenheim Palace has turned in to one of my favoured events of my calendar. A highlight of the year.

The event takes place on June 2nd and 3rd. Saturday and Sunday. Enter below if you’re interested and more importantly see if you can beat me on a bike.

I look forward to seeing some Tennant fans at the finish.


For more info on PedalSure's Triathlon or Cycling Insurance visit them: www.pedalsure.com